An independent verdict on the quality and impact of Sharpstream‘s services comes from the company’s clients.

The powerful message is – Sharpstream gets it right time after time.

  • quoteWe continually use Sharpstream because of their excellent research capabilities which, when combined with their consulting and networking capabilities, makes them highly unusual in global executive search.quote
  • Global Human Resources Director, Global Pharmaceutical Company.
  • quoteI wish to congratulate you on the excellent search in the CNS area. Including Dr xxxxx you have now provided five superb candidates, almost equally strong as far as expertise and credentials. This is the calibre we need.quote
  • Global Head of Medical Affairs, Global Pharmaceutical Company.
  • quoteWe have had the Oncology market mapped many times by the other head-hunters, however, you have still managed to come up with six candidates that we did not know of previously. An excellent job.quote
  • Senior Director, Oncology, Global Pharmaceutical Company.
  • quoteWe use Sharpstream because they understand our company, our culture, our people and they always deliver their shortlists.quote
  • Global Human Resources Director, Global Pharmaceutical Company.